The Quest For The Perfect Bran Muffin Begins Today

bran muffin1I have been on a long quest to find the perfect omelet for over a year now and I have pretty much got it about 95% done. I have the technique, cooking time and ingredients down but there is still a slight problem with the flipping.

But rest assured when the recipe has been perfect you will find it here.

In the mean time… I am going to start working on the Perfect Bran Muffin.

By why?

No Bran Muffins Here

No bran muffins in this bakery case

More and more I have had a hard time finding a good bran muffin no matter where I am. I not sure why more coffee shops, bakeries, and grocery stores don’t have good (or any bran muffins.

Example… A new bakery opened up a few weeks ago in my area so I went in looking for a bran muffin. Any bran muffin. None were in sight. I looked over a case full of high fat/low fiber, high sugar offerings and when they asked if I wanted anything I said no and walked out. I did not want to put anything they made into my body. I (like many of you) just don’t need anymore fat or sugar even if there is a healthy bran bonus.

So… What are my guidelines for the perfect Bran Muffin?

Sugar kills

Sugar kills

1. Needs to taste good and have a nice texture – I guess good taste is relative but the texture is also important. The way the muffin dances on your tongue and goes down the hatch is a high priority.

2. Needs to be low sugar, low fat, low calorie, low glycemic – I looked at about fifty recipes and most are loaded down with sugar and fat. Face it… This is what makes stuff taste good. But they also have flour which is high glycemic. This white stuff turns into sugar once you eat it and is the real think when it comes to overworking your bathroom scale. This Perfect Bran Muffin will use other types of ingredients minimize or eliminate fat, sugar, glycemic load, and calories.

carb_graph3. Needs to look good – You have to look at it and (show it to others) before you eat so it needs to look yummy.

What I am seeing in coffee shops and other stores seems to say that somehow the lonely Bran Muffin has fallen out of favor. Well maybe a Perfect good tasting, truly healthy (low fat/low sugar) Bran Muffin could change that.

Stay tuned…