Putin Makes John Kerry Wait 3 HOURS! What’s the message here?

kerryr1bIn what is probably the most under reported story this week Russian President Vladimir Putin kept U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry waiting for three hours to meet with him.

As reported in the U.K. Daily Mail’s Mail Online story this meeting between Kerry and Putin was  intended to help improve relations and pave the way for Obama to hold talks with Putin in September, when Russia hosts a summit of the Group of 20 nations. Obama and Putin are also to meet at a Group of Eight summit in Britain in June.

And… In case you have missed the Wall Street Journal article it has been revealed that Russia plans to sell Syria advanced weapons systems that could significantly effect the unstable military balance in the region.

kerry1nSo think about this… Syria’s Assad gang is basically counting down the days until he is run out of town on a rail and forced to stand trial in some international court for crimes against humanity. You know, genocide and lovely things like that. And Russia’s Mr. Putin is supplying him the weapons to carry out his dastardly deeds.

Last time I checked if you knowingly provide the means to criminal you are just as guilty.

Kerry3So why is this Putin slight against our Mr. Kerry being under reported?

This means that someone at the New York Times who has to be aware (it is in a major U.K. newspaper) of this significant insult to Mr. Kerry, President Obama, and the American people has decided to hide the story.

Scary times indeed.

Russian ships brings arms to Syria?

Russian ships brings arms to Syria?

A women I know was confused when her boyfriend at the time gave here a cheap “Travel to Michigan” T-Shirt as a birthday present. She asked me what I thought and I told her it was not a gift it was a message. They broke up shortly after that.

This Putin slight is a message Mr. Kerry (and Mr. Obama). Choose to ignore it and you will be the fools. The problem is that millions more innocent people will pay for your mistakes.


Is Internet Sales Tax Just a Costly Diversion?

InternetSalestaxWhen in doubt the people in Washington seem to always default to “tax the people” mode.

Years ago when Internet commerce started the kind people in Washington decided to waive sales tax for purchases made online. How nice of them. They claimed they were doing it to help promote business over this new fangled thing called the World Wide Web.

That’s what they said but what right do they have to layer another tax on the people?

The reason your local retail stores should charge sales tax is because the local government needs to spend extra money for police, fire, roads, etc… to support that storefront. They really have not right to levy a tax on some Internet based merchant across the country. They are not incurring any additional expenses because that merchant happens to sell you some product.

Another complaint is that online stores that do not charge sales tax pose unfair Isalestax2competition for local stores who do charge sales tax. I don’t think a sales tax of 1% to even 10% will keep people from buying products from their local stores. But a few things that will keep them away from their local stores could be; lack of product selection, nasty store clerks, non-unique products, the trip to the store (just to find out they don’t have what you want), and inconvenient store hours.

So if this Internet tax does go through then what will those less than sharp local retailers have to complain about. Will they expect congress to limit the selection and service online retailers offer? Will they ask for disaster funds to hire and train competent employees?

itaxes3Here’s what it comes down to… At 2:14 AM I read an article in the paper about a new book that sounds interesting. I want to own the physical book so an electronic version will not work for me. I am not going to jump in my car, find a book retailer, deal with arrogant staff to help me find the book then drive home. I am going to do what most people would do. Take less than one minute to order the book online and be happy when it sows up on my doorstep in a day or so.

This is what Internet retail is all about. Convenience and service. Tack on a few extra pennies in taxes will not stop me from buying online. But it will open the barn door on even more taxes.