Could Clint Eastwood really be the best choice for president?

Just before the super bowl halftime show the hoopla around the big screen TV last night was too much for me to hear the Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad. The picture were dark and I could tell the ad was not going down the more typical humorous road.

So in a more quiet moment today I watched the ad. If you missed it I suggest that you watch it too.

This was deffinitely the wrong ad for a superbowl. There was no way people were going to amp down enough to really listemn to what Clint was saying a really let the images sink in. This was probably the best ad all night but most people just didn’t know it at teh time. We do thing like watch football and drink beer to forget about what’s going on in our country right now.

But… Even though the ad was trying to sell Chryslers the message in the ad was that sure we as a country may be down now but we always seem to make things right. It’s the kind of hopefull message I sort of wish teh current crop of politicians could rally behind.

Maybe the ad should be mandatory viewing for our people in D.C.

What if Clint decided to run for President?  I think you might be surprised how many peopel would vot for him. It will probably take a Clint-sized person to get congress to work together. If someone ready to take some personal risks.

The ad was caleld “Halftime in America”… I hope it’s true. Too many people out there are rooting for us to fail.