Tomorrow is the big day in Florida!

It has been an odd primary season. First it looks like Romney has won Iowa then he hasn’t. But then he does win the Romney friendly state of New Hampshire while Gingrich whips his butt in South Carolina. Now the drama in Florida. Gingrich claims his opponent has outspent him by about 10 to 1 as the latest polls show Mr. Gingrich losing his lead.

This is all like watching a sporting even like the super bowl to me. It’s a game. Unfortunately the stakes are high. But with the economy appearing to be on the mend and a ramping down of the war effort (along with the huge defense bills) who ever wins the White House in November should do okay.

On Gingrich… The best thing that has come out of his campaign and people actually taking him seriously is that he may have lowered the bar for what it takes to be considered a viable candidate. In the old days, two years ago, a candidate that was thrown out of office on some kind of ethics violation, took money from special interest groups, and had to install a revolving door in his home to accommodate a stream of wife’s and lovers would not have even made it onto the ticket. Thank you Mr. Gingrich for clearing the way for future potential candidates. After you most will look pretty clean.

What is the name “Mitt” short for anyway?