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This omelet stuff is serious business. Just to recap for those of you who have just joined us…  I lived in Chicago for many years and was able to enjoy omelets at a place called Lou Mitchell’s when ever the need arised. But now that I live over 750 miles from Chicago in a place where people just don’t take breakfast seriously, I am determined to duplicate the Lou Mitchell’s omelet in my own kitchen.

This perfect omelet has been eluding me for many years but I am getting closer.

A perfect Lou Mitchell’s omelet is fluffy and packed with the fillings of your choice. I usually get the broccoli and cheddar version.

I wish it was as easy to get a Lou Mitchell’s omelet as it is to get a White Castle slider. You can get White Castle’s burgers in just about any freezer case and the microwave up just fine. But it’s not so for omelets.

At this point I have tried a variety of methods to reproduce the Lou Mitchell’s omelet. Everything from trying different pans to adding pancake batter. The best method that has worked so far is whipping the whites up into a foam then folding in the yolks and finishing the omelet in the oven.

NOTE: Not of picture of me. I am invisible. You would only see the hat.

My last attempt was close except:

1) I cooked the eggs in the skillet too long because they were a little to “burned” when they came out of the oven.

2) I need to fold the yolk in more because the omelet was not uniformly fluffy. Part of the omelet was fluffy when other parts were more dense.

So for tomorrow mornings omelet experiment I will get the pan off the stove faster and instead of folding the yolks into the whipped whites I will run the mixer a few extra seconds and whip the yolks.

We’ll see how it works…

Who is that at Lou Mitchell's?

P.S. I will be earning this breakfast with a 10 Mile run bright and early Saturday morning.

P.S. #2 I will be making quick trip (In Sunday->out Monday) to Chicago but it will be nearly impossible to get to Lou’s for breakfast. I would need to wake up too early and possibly be late for my 9AM meeting. Is it worth the risk?


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