Could this be the end for Apple (AAPL) stock?

Today the grand poobah of Apple announced that the company would start to pay a dividend. The company has so much money stock piled in its basement that it is running out of room and has decided to give some of the cash back to its investors.

A noble thing to do.

The dividend could amount to about 2% a year. Not bad in times when you have a hard time finding a bank CD that pays anything even close to 1% a year. This dividend could be a nice thing. People will get paid while they wait for the stock to go up even further.

One big problem…

The stock is going crash and crash hard. Go back down to $1 a share is a real possibility.

How do I know this?

Well… For the first time ever I actually bought a few shares of Apple (AAPL) stock today. Right now I want to apologize to all the current Apple shareholders. But every time I buy a stock it crashes out.

Remember WorldCom and Enron?

Moments after my Apple stock purchase a story comes out that the New iPad has been overheating.

Why wasn’t I surprised?

Should we have expected more from Apple on their New iPad?

So now that the dust has settled on the “New” iPad lets reflect on just what they have added to the tablet and what I wish they would have put in there.

They basically added three new things 1) A better display, 2) Faster wireless internet, and 3) A better camera.

1) A better display – The display on the iPad 2 is pretty damn good. I didn’t realize I needed something better. Sure this new display is “Stunning!” but not getting me excited enough to trade in my iPad 2.

2) Faster wireless internet – My current iPad 2 can access Verizon’s network but I have only turned it on one time for one month. It’s expensive. With what I am already paying Verizon for my iPhone I am not eager to send more money their way every month. So I just use my iPad when I can get WiFi. Which is most of the time. If I need to get the internet when no wifi is available I use my iPhone. Again, this feature is not enough to get me to toss my iPad 2 in a landfill quite yet.

The secret to iPad printing

3) A better camera – I thought the camera on my iPad 2 was doing the job. I don’t plan to shoot and edit movies on my iPad. basically I just use it for the occasional Skype chat and pictures for this blog.

Also… When I bought my iPad I bought an extra year of warranty coverage which will keep my iPad safe until April of 2013.  Why should I buy a new iPad and throw this away? Now if Apple would apply my unused warranty to a new iPad maybe they could get my interest.

TOP SECRET - iPad with a bigger screen

So… As you can see I am not easy to please when it comes to updating expensive hardware like an iPad. I use windows based laptop and desktop computers and only upgrade those when a new significant operating system is released.  So far I have no plan to upgrade that hardware when Windows 8 is released. More on that in a later post.

 What would get me to upgrade my iPad?

Here are five things that would get me excited about upgrading my iPad.

1) A slot for swappable SD memory chips – With cheap SD memory out there this would be a great way to store movies, music and more so that I don’t need to eat up the iPads meager memory.

How about an iPad App to get you out of this?

2) Use the Wireless Internet from my iPhone – Why make me buy more wireless service from Verizon. Let my iPad “talk” to my iPad and use the wireless internet living there. I know they can do this.

3) A USB port – A working USB port or two could open up a world of possibilities. Thing of all the things we could hook into the iPad. It’s scary!

4) Finger print security –  Include a hardware finger print (or DNA) reader so when I press the on button it knows it’s me and give me access. For how many times I pick up and use this thing every day, typing four digits to get access is a pain.

5) Waterproof to 200 feet – This would make the iPad useful for scuba divers and people who want to laze around the pool and not worry about water damage.

I know I have asked for a lot here. What’s on your “New” “New” iPad wish list for next year’s release?

Test post from iPad… It works!

This is a test Post on my iPad using an app called Blogsy. I have been doing a lot of research over the last few months looking for just the right blogging software to use and this seems to be the one.

I started out with the GoDaddy Quickblog system but although it is pretty good, I could not do posts from my iPad. So… Today I switched things over to a GoDaddy hosted WordPress system. So far so good. It took me about two hours to set things up. There so many interesting settings I’m sure I will be tweaking this thing for quite a while. There as also loads of features to explore.

Coincidently Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has announced blowout earnings today. They had over $46 Billion in 4th quarter earnings. That’s a lot of iPads and iPhones.