Income Inequality Is One Thing…
But What’s With This Bus Inequality?

googlebusThe recent New York Times article about the San Francisco shuttle bus service offered to Google, Facebook, and Yahoo employees was an eye opener.

But I guess this is California and things are very different out there…

So… These tech companies with offices a good drive from San Francisco were looking for a way to reduce traffic, lower emissions, and probably improve safety for their employees who might be a little beat at the end of a join us bustwelve hour day coding the next great thing.

But… All there good intentions have sparked a little conflict with some of the fine people who live in San Francisco. They are picketing, protesting, breaking windows and even targeting certain mild mannered employees with nasty banners out in front of their houses. And just in case you don’t see the banner these concerned citizens are passing out leaflets in the neighborhood. “Do you know your neighbor is a coder for Google?… What dangers lurk among us?”

scum1The problem seems to be that the busses that pick up all these well paid high tech employees are using public bus stops and blocking that space for up to thirty seconds.

But there is more…

Even worse, these high tech interlopers are buying up and renting all the available housing in San Francisco.   Many restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques are going upscale to serve these more affluent customers. And all this seems to really be pissing people off.

Bus1Let me get this straight… Some guy who was picked on back in high school because he was a “nerd” goes out and gets a Computer Science degree, lands a high-paying job with a leading tech company, moves into an expensive San Francisco apartment with his Nerdette and little Nerdlings then… out come these bullies from high school to pick on him again.

Is this the next step?

Is this the next step?

Get it… That’s all this really is. Bullies picking on people who are different. It’s not religion and not race. They are being picked on because they make more money.

I’m afraid we have not seem the last of stories like these. Stay tuned….



What does it really mean to be a Bazillionaire?

With yesterday’s final unveiling of Facebook’s plans to go public people are buzzing about how many new billionaires and millionaires will be minted virtually overnight. This is always a fun thing to dream about.

Even with Facebook stock held privately his estimated net worth was $17.5 Billion which put him at number 52 on the Forbes 2011 list of the worlds richest people. When the company goes public and the stock moves up that net worth could go up to $28 Billion which could land him in the top 10 richest people in the world.

The guy is only 27-years old!

What’s the catch? There has to be a catch, right?  Well, get ready to feel a little better…

David Choe - The $200 Million Mural Painter

The way they get to this $28 Billion net worth number is they take the number of share Mr. Zuckerberg owns and multiply it by the current listed stock price. This is really just a fantasy number because if he flooded the market with his shares the share price would crash. And don’t even get me stated on the tax bill he would have to pay. Let’s just say that he would be able to retire a nice small chunk of the national debt.

The best story that has emerged from this Facebook bonanza is how David Choe was paid in Facebook stock to paint a few murals in the early Facebook office. That stock could be worth around $200 Million in a few weeks.

I’m thinking of taking up painting…