Could this finally be the big night for the Republicans fighting it out for a chance to challenge Obama?

Super Tuesday is finally here and before we know it the day will be over.

In a matter of hours the airwaves will be alive with news reports on who is leading where and firm predictions on winners in some races.  And if you believe the candidates they all plan to stay in the race no matter what happens.

Unfortunately for the Republicans this primary season has dragged on far too long. With every attack ad they look worse and Obama looks better. It’s too bad the only way these guys can differentiate themselves is by tearing down their opponents. How can voters make a decision when there is so much negativity flying around.

The human brain works in strange ways…

Once a leader emerges and the other candidates step back, Republicans will forget about all the mud that has been slung. Plus former foes will be on their best behavior in hopes of getting some plumb job if the guy they have been bashing for a year actually gets the top job.

Ah politics… Always fun to watch no matter how bloody it gets.

Michigan primary could end things for someone…
But who?

It seems like it could come down to next Tuesday on this Republican primary circus. This has definitely been one of the oddest primary seasons in history and whoever comes out as the winner of this process may not really be a winner. 

That person could emerge with so many scars they may not be able to do the job for their party in the general election.

Right now the media has been quoting polls that show Romney and Santorum in a dead heat. Interesting since this was a former home state for Mr. Romney.

Do you think Mr. Romney’s position that GM should not have been bailed out by the government is affecting his popularity in Michigan? Maybe he thought he was going to edge out his competitors before things got to the motor state. That would be a big whoops on someone’s part.  Sometimes I think these guys live in some alternate universe.

I’m surprized Romney is even allowed to set foot in Michigan with his position on the GM bailout. How many bazillion workers would have lost their jobs if the government would not have done the bailout?

Romney has said that the government should have let private investor groups bail out General Motors but smart people have said that no one was in line to make the save. The company, its parts suppliers and possibly the entire US auto industry could have evaporated over a weekend.

It’s easy to say it was good for the Government to bail out GM since at this point GM has either paid back most of the money or converted it to GM stock. It is looking like a three-way win for Washington.

Tuesday night all will be known.

Sometimes I think the media created these kind of “dead heat” situations to keep people interested.

 And… Why do we need more debates. This has been one of the most debated primaries of all time. I guess the good thing is that whoever comes out of this they will be ready to debate Obama.

Could Clint Eastwood really be the best choice for president?

Just before the super bowl halftime show the hoopla around the big screen TV last night was too much for me to hear the Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad. The picture were dark and I could tell the ad was not going down the more typical humorous road.

So in a more quiet moment today I watched the ad. If you missed it I suggest that you watch it too.

This was deffinitely the wrong ad for a superbowl. There was no way people were going to amp down enough to really listemn to what Clint was saying a really let the images sink in. This was probably the best ad all night but most people just didn’t know it at teh time. We do thing like watch football and drink beer to forget about what’s going on in our country right now.

But… Even though the ad was trying to sell Chryslers the message in the ad was that sure we as a country may be down now but we always seem to make things right. It’s the kind of hopefull message I sort of wish teh current crop of politicians could rally behind.

Maybe the ad should be mandatory viewing for our people in D.C.

What if Clint decided to run for President?  I think you might be surprised how many peopel would vot for him. It will probably take a Clint-sized person to get congress to work together. If someone ready to take some personal risks.

The ad was caleld “Halftime in America”… I hope it’s true. Too many people out there are rooting for us to fail.

Tomorrow is the big day in Florida!

It has been an odd primary season. First it looks like Romney has won Iowa then he hasn’t. But then he does win the Romney friendly state of New Hampshire while Gingrich whips his butt in South Carolina. Now the drama in Florida. Gingrich claims his opponent has outspent him by about 10 to 1 as the latest polls show Mr. Gingrich losing his lead.

This is all like watching a sporting even like the super bowl to me. It’s a game. Unfortunately the stakes are high. But with the economy appearing to be on the mend and a ramping down of the war effort (along with the huge defense bills) who ever wins the White House in November should do okay.

On Gingrich… The best thing that has come out of his campaign and people actually taking him seriously is that he may have lowered the bar for what it takes to be considered a viable candidate. In the old days, two years ago, a candidate that was thrown out of office on some kind of ethics violation, took money from special interest groups, and had to install a revolving door in his home to accommodate a stream of wife’s and lovers would not have even made it onto the ticket. Thank you Mr. Gingrich for clearing the way for future potential candidates. After you most will look pretty clean.

What is the name “Mitt” short for anyway?


Who is really creating all the jobs?

I heard Mitt Romney this morning on CNBC and he had some interesting and surprising things to say. Beside all the stuff we have been hearing for the last few years he talked more about Bain Capital where he was one of the guys at the top.

I guess some of the other prospective Republican contenders have been taking pot shots at Romney because of his past association with an actual company that made money for its investors. I guess Mr. Romney should get ready for more of this if he is the eventual guy up against Mr. Obama in November.

But the interesting thing Romney said was that when he worked for Bain Capital (A combined Venture Capital Firm and private equity company) he created more jobs than Mr. Obama has so far. I hope he has the numbers to back this one up. If not, expect some need for damage control.

Keep an eye on how Mr. Romney deals with these attacks on his private sector history. It will be very telling on how the next ten months could go for him.

Unfortunately all this proves is that once again it is very hard to get qualified people to run for President of the United States. What can they do to fix that? Offer a bigger pay package and stock options?

Are we all too excited about New Hampshire?

I’ve been to New Hampshire. Lots of trees and quaint small towns. And for about one week every four years we all watch the fine people of New Hampshire go out and vote. It’s makes for good T.V. but does it really matter?

Let me save you some time… It will probably be a Romney win but it will be close enough to keep the number tow guy in the race for a while… Sorry to spoil the surprise.