More on the giant shark… Even sadder…

Right when you think things could not get worse….

It turns out the guy in Pakistan who bought that 40-foot whale shark for $18,700 didn’t have a huge sushi party in mind. His plan was to charge people to see the shark.

That’s right he set up a closed off area where he is displaying the shark and letting people get their picture taken with the dead and smelly beast. He is charging the equivalent of 22 cents each for a few minutes of viewing and picture-taking time.

Some little kid said, “It was so huge! I wish I could take it home.” I’m not sure what his mom would say about waking up one moring to a 40-foot piece of rotting shark packed into the kid’s bedroom.

Last time I checked it is probably pretty warm in Pakistan. What’s the shelf life of a dead shark?  The word is that the smell is already over powering.

How many tickets does he need to sell to make back his initial investment anyway?

I guess the best we can hope is that the guy loses a boat load of money so no one else tries this again. Or even worse… Maybe the ghost of the whale shark starts shewing on people around town.

Now that I would pay 22 cents to see.

A sad day for whale sharks…

There was a report out of Karachi, Pakistan today that some fishermen found a 40-foot whale shark floating unconcious almost a hundred mile off shore. This is very sad.

These large fish are more whale than shark. There feed on plankton and I don’t even think they have teeth. I know a little bit about these sharkls because I have swam with them. Not in the wide open spaces of the ocean but in the crowded confines of the Georgia Aquarium.

You have not lived until you have had a school bus sized fish swim by about five inches above your head. It only reminds you that we may not be the only ones here on earth. We sould learn how to share this place.

They Pakistani fishermen managed to sell the huge shark for $18,750. That’s aproximately four years pay for a Pakistani accountant and over ten years pay for one of tghese fishermen. I hope this does not start an open season on whale sharks.