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I usually save the big zinger for my readers until the end of my articles, but I wanted you to read this first as you travel through the rest of what I have to say here.

If we did this one thing you would see all our government officials making the hard decisions to move much faster to stomp out this COVID-19.

One simple thing is all it will take…

Right now all our government officials starting with Mr. Trump should get a numbered ticket. The first number will be “20,000,001” for Mr. Trump… The second for Mr. Pence will be “20,000,002”. And so on for all our elected and non-elected government officials. Senators, Representatives, Mayors, Governors, and anyone who gets a paycheck from the US government.

This number is their number in line when they or their families show up at a hospital or any government, private or military healthcare facility for COVID-19 testing. Anyone else who shows up will automatically be in front of them in line for treatment. They will be the last treated. Instead of the current situation where these government officials have a reserved bed, doctors and respirator waiting no matter what happens.

This will certainly put some heat on the situation and I assure you that by the end of the day things will change for the better for all of us.

With the new found zeal to solve the COVID-19 epidemic what could they actually do?

First of all, this COVID-19 is starting to get some serious traction in the USA. The charts are scary. For total infections the USA just moved into third place behind China and Italy with most new infections in New York City.

We have all seen this movie many times and it never ends well. The plot points usually go something like this:

  1. A few people in a remote location far away get the disease.
  2. Governments and other leaders down play the potential problems. Carry on as normal.
  3. Some expert somewhere raises the alarm and calls for action now.
  4. That expert is ignored.
  5. All of a sudden, the disease arrives closer to us.
  6. Government insiders and their cronies sell all their stock before the market crashes.
  7. Governments and other leaders say no big deal. We can handle this. No need to worry.
  8. The number of infected people starts to grow exponentially. In other words, very fast. Biology will tend to do this.
  9. Governments and other leaders admit that this may be a bigger problem than they expected. But still don’t worry. Carry on as usual.
  10. That exponential infection growth really starts to take hold. Hospitals in certain areas are overloaded.
  11. Finally, the government decides to act with half-thought out programs and throwing a lot of cash at the problem…

I will stop here since we have all seen how this usually ends. Biology is voracious. Mother Nature can be a mean nasty Bitch. She plays to win! We usually lose. And lose big.

So how can we beet this Bitch this time?

First let me layout a few assumptions:

  1. The situation in Italy should really scare us. Every hour Italian doctors are making life and death choices (who lives and who dies) with their limited hospital beds and life saving equipment. The USA has 2.8 Hospital Beds per 1,000 people. Italy has 3.2 beds/1,000 people. In other words Italy was in a better position to save people than the USA. Italy has been reporting nearly 700+ deaths a day.
  2. Money will not save us from COVID-19. This disease will spread, hurt many people and cripple our economy no matter how much money we throw at it. In fact, throwing money at it the wrong way could make it actually spread faster.
  3. The only way we will beat this Bitch is if we all pull together and make it happen together. National and local governments, businesses, and individuals all pulling on the rope in the same direction at the same time.
  4. Turn our human biology and ingenuity against this Bitch. If everyone actually stays away from other people we will beat this Bitch eventually. If COVID-19 can’t find hosts (that’s us) it will die out and go away.
  5. If we ask everyone to hide out in their houses for three months how will people pay their rent, utilities and buy groceries? Very few people have enough cash saved to last three months. So, this will cause great hardship.
  6. If we are all locked up in our homes safely away from COVID-19 we will not be able to get the food we need to survive. If we go out that Bitch will get us then hunt for her her next victims. She is a relentless Bitch.

Here’s what I am proposing in addition to those numbered cards for our elected and non-elected government officials and workers… Let’s call this the “Mr. Invisible Sure-Fire Plan To Beat COVID-19.

  1. We all admit that it is going to take three months (until July 1st) of people locked in their homes to beat this Bitch.
  2. We all admit that the economy will need to go into pause mode. We all pitch in and pause all non-essential payments. If it is not for food it is on pause. All mortgages, rent, Netflix, car payments, and utilities of every kind. And credit card companies will only require payments for food and other essential purchases like prescription drugs and household items. And those banks and credit card companies will not be able to charge interest until after July 1st.
  3. To keep people from losing their jobs all payroll-based employees will be paid $1,000 a month and be exempt from any and all taxes or other payroll deductions. $1,000 a month will hit their bank accounts. This for all employees in the entire company. Everyone from the CEO to the lady who empties the trash cans gets $1,000 a month. No employees will be furloughed, laid off or fired even if the business has closed down. If the company can’t afford this $1,000 a month per employee, they can get a loan from the government to handle the cost. But to get the loan everyone in the company must be on this plan and no one can be laid off, furloughed or fired. This $1,000 should be enough to pay for basic food each month. And the companies will not need to deal with letting people go and rehiring in July.
  4. Let’s really keep people at home. If people even run down to their local Whole Foods for a few minutes this nasty COVID-19 Bitch will get them. Then they will bring it home. If you think I’m wrong take a look at those Italy infection and death numbers. The entire grocery delivery system run by the stores or independent companies has collapsed from so much demand. But people need food and if we don’t want them to hoard, we need to get them what will keep them fed and bring it right to their door. For this we get UPS, the US Post Office, Fedex and all other delivery companies to exclusively deliver food, prescription drugs, and other essential household items. These brave souls along with other food supply chain workers will get full pay and all the safety accouterments (masks, gloves, etc…) required to keep them healthy. Paying these people a full wage should not be a problem since their employers will be getting fully paid for the groceries and delivery service.

I know this is a drastic plan but this Bitch will get us all if we don’t pull together and make this happen. Starting with our elected and non-elected government officials with those numbered cards…

I know the details needed to make this all work will be complicated but people seem to forget that in 1944 we pulled together and freed Europe from an terrible fate. And in the 1960s we put men on the moon. And in the last twenty or thirty years we became a global tech powerhouse.

Now we need to just pull together and beat this Bitch once and for all…

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