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I have not quite perfected this omelet yet but I am getting very close.

A few weeks back I had that quick trip to Chicago. I was able to catch an earlier flight and after picking up a rental car I was sitting at Lou Mitchell’s (no waiting thank you) counter on a Sunday at around noon.

I ordered my usual cheddar & broccoli omelet and spent a little more time picking at the egg concoction to see if I could learn anything on how to get that last 10% to perfect my own at-home version.

This is how Lou's counter looked back in 1950

I usually don’t sit at Lou Mitchell’s counter but I discovered that from that vantage point I could see through the order window into the kitchen. And sure enough the cooks were putting the omelet pans into a large oven to finish them off. I had not seen that before but it validates the method I had found to make a fluffy omelet.

My waitress looked like she had worked for Lou since he opened the place in 1923.  For research purposes I asked her what the secret is to getting these omelets so fluffy. She looked around to make sure Lou wasn’t watching then leaned over and said, “They use a blender!”

So another one of the elements of my current omelet formula had been sort of verified.

The perfect omelet goal

The omelet I made last weekend was very close. The color was a little light and it was a little too fluffy.

How could an omelet be too fluffy? There were too many bubbles in the omelet.

The formula I used was:

1) Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

2) Whip the whites then fold in the yolks.

3) Only leave it on the burner for about a minute before putting in an over heated to 350 degrees.

Guess who?

4) Bake it for 5 minutes then add the cheese and fold the omelet in half then bake it for 5 more minutes.

This yielded an almost perfect omelet.

This week I am going to try the same formula but with these changes:

1) I am going to mix two tablespoons of pancake batter with the yolks before folding them into the whipped egg whites.

2) I am going to leave the pan on the stove for 2 minutes total.

I’ll keep you posted on how things turn out. I hope this is not a step backward.

P.S. I will only be running 6 miles tomorrow since I will be running in a road race on the following Saturday.


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