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You might think the current White House resident was the actual winner of the 2016 election. That makes sense. Sure Mr. Trump did not win the popular vote but he did win the Electoral College vote total needed, right?

This Electoral College vote is essentially the system used to assure that voters from all states can influence the final vote outcome. Actually, it’s a good thing. Without the Electoral College requirement candidates would not visit or support states with smaller populations. Places like Wyoming and North Dakota would probably be wastelands today without the Electoral College system.

But if you look at what the American voters actually said with their 2016 votes maybe Mr. Trump or even Hilary Clinton did not win that election.

I am talking about those American that did not vote in the election… The many, the brave, the apathetic. When you total up the non-voters and those not eligible (mostly because they did not register) to vote you have 58.5% of the people in this country.

A clear and scary majority.

How could these non-voters influence the Electoral College?

When you do the math, you will see that of the 538 possible Electoral College votes in the 2016 presidential election, if all these non-voters voted they would win 471 of those votes. Clinton would have won 51 electoral votes and Trump would have won 16 electoral votes. Maybe some Invisible Man would be in the White House right now. But certainly not Trump or Clinton.

Clearly these non-voters are a huge force in American elections. Why don’t they go out and vote?

There are lots of reasons people don’t vote but the top four are; 1. Too busy 2. Illness (did they get a doctor’s note?) 3. Not interested 4. Don’t like the options.

So clearly a more committed slight minority of US citizens are deciding who governs our county. This is probably not a good thing for any of us.

Why not make elections only valid if a majority of possible voters actually vote. If less than, say, 60% of people vote then the election needs to be repeated until more people vote.

Maybe we would get stronger candidates if they would only get voted in when enough people voted for them. The kind of candidates that can motivate normally apathetic people to get out and vote might be better for all of us.

Midterm elections usually have a lower voter turnout but with all the political mayhem in play this time will apathy win again?

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