Thoughts on MLK day…

Martin Luther King day and there is a lot to think about on this subject. A leader like this does not even come around every generation. It’s hard for me to think of another person who personally instigated so much positive change for so many people beside Mahatma Gandhi.

MLK was a true leader and inspiration to millions. He lead without regard for himself or the potential personal consequences. We are about due for another leader like this. In fact I will go as far to say we really need a leader like MLK. A selfless person we can all rally behind. one of the current political crop on either side are even close to 50% of an MLK.

Why?… Because most of the people in Washington and and aspiring to Washington seem to be in it for their own personal gain. The tell tail sign is that no one seems to be ready to make things happen even if there is personal risk.

On to more positive thoughts… I recently saw the film “The Help”. Watching this once again will remind you of all that MLK work for. Seeing that movie and knowing what really went on here just a few short decades ago is embarrassing. What were people thinking? See the movie and you will get what I am talking about.

The big question is… A few decades from now what will we look back at and say “we sure were stupid”?

Not at the same level as what MLK brought to light but on the short list could be things like:

  1. No term limits for congressional representatives.
  2. High taxes will solve all our problems. (See Europe if you need more proof)
  3. Being fooled by all these high priced universities into thinking that a $200,000 Liberal Arts degree would find meaningful employment for your kids.
  4. Actually thinking Social Security would work.
  5. Believing the the Government always has our best interests at heart.

Do you have anything you would like to add to the list?