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2021 was one a crazy year. Just when we thought things were getting better, we get slapped with this Omicron COVID variant that seems to be a super spreader.

It’s hard to be optimistic about another year of masks, vaccines, testing, social distancing, zoom meetings, working from home, free-range kids out of school, supply chain disruptions, rampant inflation, unsure stock markets, travel complications and potential illness.

I probably left a few things out so add what ever you want to the list…

The reality is that we are far from done with this COVID experience. We are probably not even near halfway through with the pandemic. It could be years before we can finally put the masks away and not need vaccine boosters a few times a year.

Not everyone has been able to accept this and follow even the basic rules of pandemic etiquette. That’s why places like England are nearing a crisis situation and South Africa seems to be the hot new place to grow and nurture new and fun COVID variants.

You can’t fight this Virus. It’s stronger than you. And when you think you might have it beat, a new variant pops up to go around what ever we have learned.  Sort of like that Whack-a-Mole arcade game. Once you knock one down three more pop up.

There are only two simple things for us to do…

  1. Listen To The Experts – Now that we are two years into this COVID adventure smart people know a lot more than they did even a few months ago. So, unless you are an infectious disease specialist listen to the experts and do what they say. Your life and the lives of those around you may depend on this.
  2. Be Positive – This COVID thing will end at some point. It may be a few years from now but we conquered even more terrible things like Polio, Measles, Spanish Flu, Yellow Fever, Ebola, AIDS, Zika, and many more over the last few thousand years. Mother Nature has been trying to stamp humans out, but we have won so far. Try not to forget this.

There will be some difficult days, weeks, and months ahead of us with this COVID scourge. There will be good and bad surprises. More people will suffer but most will pull through.

The worst thing that can happen is for you to give up. For you to surrender to this microscopic bug.

That surrender to COVID will not look like you running into the street and waving a literal white flag although this could be a serious warning sign if you see one of your neighbors do this.

Your surrender could manifest itself in things like:

  • You not taking care of yourself….  Not maintaining a healthy diet. Stopping your exercise routine. Not bathing regularly.
  • Spending more time playing video games.
  • Watching more TV or Streaming videos than actually doing brain enriching things like reading and having spirited debates with your friends. Even if it is on Zoom.
  • Having phone or zoom conversations with friends and family and more than 50% of the talk time is just talking about COVID.

Look around and determine if you have actually surrendered to COVID and try to reverse those behaviors. Here are a few more tings to watch for.

You need to believe in yourself and that this will end some day.

Like Ted Lasso and his motley soccer team, maybe you should post a “BELIEVE” sign where your will see it the first and last thing every day.

Or better yet, a sign that says: “I WILL BEAT COVID!”

You can do it!

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