The perfect omelet saga continues…

I have not quite perfected this omelet yet but I am getting very close.

A few weeks back I had that quick trip to Chicago. I was able to catch an earlier flight and after picking up a rental car I was sitting at Lou Mitchell’s (no waiting thank you) counter on a Sunday at around noon.

I ordered my usual cheddar & broccoli omelet and spent a little more time picking at the egg concoction to see if I could learn anything on how to get that last 10% to perfect my own at-home version.

This is how Lou's counter looked back in 1950

I usually don’t sit at Lou Mitchell’s counter but I discovered that from that vantage point I could see through the order window into the kitchen. And sure enough the cooks were putting the omelet pans into a large oven to finish them off. I had not seen that before but it validates the method I had found to make a fluffy omelet.

My waitress looked like she had worked for Lou since he opened the place in 1923.  For research purposes I asked her what the secret is to getting these omelets so fluffy. She looked around to make sure Lou wasn’t watching then leaned over and said, “They use a blender!”

So another one of the elements of my current omelet formula had been sort of verified.

The perfect omelet goal

The omelet I made last weekend was very close. The color was a little light and it was a little too fluffy.

How could an omelet be too fluffy? There were too many bubbles in the omelet.

The formula I used was:

1) Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

2) Whip the whites then fold in the yolks.

3) Only leave it on the burner for about a minute before putting in an over heated to 350 degrees.

Guess who?

4) Bake it for 5 minutes then add the cheese and fold the omelet in half then bake it for 5 more minutes.

This yielded an almost perfect omelet.

This week I am going to try the same formula but with these changes:

1) I am going to mix two tablespoons of pancake batter with the yolks before folding them into the whipped egg whites.

2) I am going to leave the pan on the stove for 2 minutes total.

I’ll keep you posted on how things turn out. I hope this is not a step backward.

P.S. I will only be running 6 miles tomorrow since I will be running in a road race on the following Saturday.


More on the perfect omelet…

This omelet stuff is serious business. Just to recap for those of you who have just joined us…  I lived in Chicago for many years and was able to enjoy omelets at a place called Lou Mitchell’s when ever the need arised. But now that I live over 750 miles from Chicago in a place where people just don’t take breakfast seriously, I am determined to duplicate the Lou Mitchell’s omelet in my own kitchen.

This perfect omelet has been eluding me for many years but I am getting closer.

A perfect Lou Mitchell’s omelet is fluffy and packed with the fillings of your choice. I usually get the broccoli and cheddar version.

I wish it was as easy to get a Lou Mitchell’s omelet as it is to get a White Castle slider. You can get White Castle’s burgers in just about any freezer case and the microwave up just fine. But it’s not so for omelets.

At this point I have tried a variety of methods to reproduce the Lou Mitchell’s omelet. Everything from trying different pans to adding pancake batter. The best method that has worked so far is whipping the whites up into a foam then folding in the yolks and finishing the omelet in the oven.

NOTE: Not of picture of me. I am invisible. You would only see the hat.

My last attempt was close except:

1) I cooked the eggs in the skillet too long because they were a little to “burned” when they came out of the oven.

2) I need to fold the yolk in more because the omelet was not uniformly fluffy. Part of the omelet was fluffy when other parts were more dense.

So for tomorrow mornings omelet experiment I will get the pan off the stove faster and instead of folding the yolks into the whipped whites I will run the mixer a few extra seconds and whip the yolks.

We’ll see how it works…

Who is that at Lou Mitchell's?

P.S. I will be earning this breakfast with a 10 Mile run bright and early Saturday morning.

P.S. #2 I will be making quick trip (In Sunday->out Monday) to Chicago but it will be nearly impossible to get to Lou’s for breakfast. I would need to wake up too early and possibly be late for my 9AM meeting. Is it worth the risk?


The perfect omelet saga continues…

Inside Lou Mitchell's - Where the real omelets live

Last Saturday’s omelet adventure went pretty well.  I separated the eggs and whipped the whites before folding the yolks back in then finished the omelet in the oven for about 5 minutes.

Just so we don’t lose site of the goal here… What I am trying to do is duplicate as close as possible the omelets at Lou Mitchell’s in Chicago. These are the best omelets in the world and unfortunately I live 750 miles from the windy city now.

How close did last Saturday’s omelet experiment get?

Notice the fluff... Smell the yummy aroma

Very close.  The omelet definitely had the Lou Mitchell’s fluff factor going on. Not quite as fluffy but I did not whip up the egg whites as much as I could have. Also I probably cooked the egg mixture a little long in the skillet since they got a little too dark (burnt) in the oven.

This week’s plan is to whip the egg whites more and cook the mixture for less time in the skillet. The oven will be doing most of the work.  It will be interesting to see how this works and tastes.

P.S. I only have an 8 mile run tomorrow morning since my weekday mileage was higher.