Does Jet Blue really have the best inflight entertainment?

Could the recent news about a Jet Blue pilot going berserk really be the airlines effort to spice up the inflight entertainment offerings?

With a virtual war going on between airlines to offer more and more for less money Jet Blue may be trying some new options. Live entertainment!

Jet Blue already has some of the best in-seat entertainment with a large selection of DirecTV channels just a few clicks away. And now to top that they have enlisted their flight crews to bring all the drama, excitement and edge-of-seat action right to the passengers.

Clayton Osborn, the pilot who was tasked with act one of the “Pilot gone berserk” performance was unfortunately mistaken for some overworked airline employee going through some type of mental breakdown.  But all he was trying to do was entertain a plane load of bored passengers on their way to Las Vegas.

After passengers subdued Captain Osborn reportedly another conveniently available captain who was on board stepped in to fill his duties. Mr. Osborn completed the flight in the back restroom duct-taped from head to toe.

Pilot or Actor?

Will passengers on future Jet Blue flights expect such live entertainment choices?

This is a serious possibility as Jet Blue has not had this much publicity since a flight attendant did her live performance a few weeks ago.

But there have been rumors that FOX has options all the story rights on this and is contemplating a new reality show. A cross between Survivor and American Idol where the passengers vote on the winner.



Is this good news for men (and women) everywhere?

Could the “booms” that have been heard up in Clintonville, Wisconsin really be micro-earthquakes or could some other phenomenon be at work?

No damage normally associated with earthquakes has been reported. I’m not even sure anyone other than this Jordan Pfeiler has actually heard the “booms”.

No dog or baby around... blame an earthquake!

Geophysicist Paul Caruso told The Associated Press that loud booming noises have been known to accompany earthquakes. It’s possible the mysterious sounds reported by Ms. Pfeiler that town officials have been investigating are linked to the quake, he said.

Earthquakes can generate seismic energy that moves through rock at thousands of miles per hour, producing a sonic boom when the waves come to the surface, Caruso said but, “To be honest, I’m skeptical that there’d be a sound report associated with such a small earthquake, but it’s possible.”

Add to list of possible causes of micro-earthquakes

I am not licensed to practice Geophysics in the state of Wisconsin but if I were investigating these “booms” I would stock by Ms. Pfeiler’s home and see do a short survey of what her husband has been eating or drinking. If things like baked beans, broccoli, any Mexican food, and/orbeer have been his recent feeding choices something else could be going on.

It might be worth investigating if Mr. Pfeiler has been the possible source of these “booms” and lacking a close by dog, baby, or squeaky chair is blaming the “booms” on micro-earthquakes.


If anything, you have to give Mr. Pfeiler an “A” for creativity. I just hope these micro-earthquakes don’t spread to other parts of the country. This could but the whole nuclear power industry in a panic since we know that earthquakes seem to gravitate to nuclear power plants the way tornadoes seem to always hit trailer parks.


Could this be the end for Apple (AAPL) stock?

Today the grand poobah of Apple announced that the company would start to pay a dividend. The company has so much money stock piled in its basement that it is running out of room and has decided to give some of the cash back to its investors.

A noble thing to do.

The dividend could amount to about 2% a year. Not bad in times when you have a hard time finding a bank CD that pays anything even close to 1% a year. This dividend could be a nice thing. People will get paid while they wait for the stock to go up even further.

One big problem…

The stock is going crash and crash hard. Go back down to $1 a share is a real possibility.

How do I know this?

Well… For the first time ever I actually bought a few shares of Apple (AAPL) stock today. Right now I want to apologize to all the current Apple shareholders. But every time I buy a stock it crashes out.

Remember WorldCom and Enron?

Moments after my Apple stock purchase a story comes out that the New iPad has been overheating.

Why wasn’t I surprised?

Is this stock market scary or what?

The news today that the Nasdaq closed above 3,000 has me a little spooked. They are saying that this index of tech and other growth stocks has closed at the highest level since December 11, 2000.  That was just before the tech bubble burst.

Now no one is saying that another tech bubble has formed but it has taken us almost twelve years to get back to even.

Smart People On Wall Street

What could be driving stocks that high?

One culprit could be the excessively low returns being offered for money market accounts and Certificate of Deposits. With these cash storage devices paying 1% or less interest while the real inflation rate (what you actually pay for food, clothing, fuel, and housing) is probably something closer to 6% you lose 5% a year by just parking your cash.

Regular Investor

So… Every day many people are dipping their toes into the stock market using mutual funds with names like “The Super Safe Growth Generator” and “Can’t Lose Undervalued Stock”.  When they do this smart people on Wall Street just plow their cash into the same stocks we have seen going up for the last few months.

Like any bubble this party may be over soon. Just like last time.

Stocks can only;y go up for so long. Remember: You heard it here first.  


Should we have expected more from Apple on their New iPad?

So now that the dust has settled on the “New” iPad lets reflect on just what they have added to the tablet and what I wish they would have put in there.

They basically added three new things 1) A better display, 2) Faster wireless internet, and 3) A better camera.

1) A better display – The display on the iPad 2 is pretty damn good. I didn’t realize I needed something better. Sure this new display is “Stunning!” but not getting me excited enough to trade in my iPad 2.

2) Faster wireless internet – My current iPad 2 can access Verizon’s network but I have only turned it on one time for one month. It’s expensive. With what I am already paying Verizon for my iPhone I am not eager to send more money their way every month. So I just use my iPad when I can get WiFi. Which is most of the time. If I need to get the internet when no wifi is available I use my iPhone. Again, this feature is not enough to get me to toss my iPad 2 in a landfill quite yet.

The secret to iPad printing

3) A better camera – I thought the camera on my iPad 2 was doing the job. I don’t plan to shoot and edit movies on my iPad. basically I just use it for the occasional Skype chat and pictures for this blog.

Also… When I bought my iPad I bought an extra year of warranty coverage which will keep my iPad safe until April of 2013.  Why should I buy a new iPad and throw this away? Now if Apple would apply my unused warranty to a new iPad maybe they could get my interest.

TOP SECRET - iPad with a bigger screen

So… As you can see I am not easy to please when it comes to updating expensive hardware like an iPad. I use windows based laptop and desktop computers and only upgrade those when a new significant operating system is released.  So far I have no plan to upgrade that hardware when Windows 8 is released. More on that in a later post.

 What would get me to upgrade my iPad?

Here are five things that would get me excited about upgrading my iPad.

1) A slot for swappable SD memory chips – With cheap SD memory out there this would be a great way to store movies, music and more so that I don’t need to eat up the iPads meager memory.

How about an iPad App to get you out of this?

2) Use the Wireless Internet from my iPhone – Why make me buy more wireless service from Verizon. Let my iPad “talk” to my iPad and use the wireless internet living there. I know they can do this.

3) A USB port – A working USB port or two could open up a world of possibilities. Thing of all the things we could hook into the iPad. It’s scary!

4) Finger print security –  Include a hardware finger print (or DNA) reader so when I press the on button it knows it’s me and give me access. For how many times I pick up and use this thing every day, typing four digits to get access is a pain.

5) Waterproof to 200 feet – This would make the iPad useful for scuba divers and people who want to laze around the pool and not worry about water damage.

I know I have asked for a lot here. What’s on your “New” “New” iPad wish list for next year’s release?

Could this finally be the big night for the Republicans fighting it out for a chance to challenge Obama?

Super Tuesday is finally here and before we know it the day will be over.

In a matter of hours the airwaves will be alive with news reports on who is leading where and firm predictions on winners in some races.  And if you believe the candidates they all plan to stay in the race no matter what happens.

Unfortunately for the Republicans this primary season has dragged on far too long. With every attack ad they look worse and Obama looks better. It’s too bad the only way these guys can differentiate themselves is by tearing down their opponents. How can voters make a decision when there is so much negativity flying around.

The human brain works in strange ways…

Once a leader emerges and the other candidates step back, Republicans will forget about all the mud that has been slung. Plus former foes will be on their best behavior in hopes of getting some plumb job if the guy they have been bashing for a year actually gets the top job.

Ah politics… Always fun to watch no matter how bloody it gets.

The perfect omelet saga continues…

I have not quite perfected this omelet yet but I am getting very close.

A few weeks back I had that quick trip to Chicago. I was able to catch an earlier flight and after picking up a rental car I was sitting at Lou Mitchell’s (no waiting thank you) counter on a Sunday at around noon.

I ordered my usual cheddar & broccoli omelet and spent a little more time picking at the egg concoction to see if I could learn anything on how to get that last 10% to perfect my own at-home version.

This is how Lou's counter looked back in 1950

I usually don’t sit at Lou Mitchell’s counter but I discovered that from that vantage point I could see through the order window into the kitchen. And sure enough the cooks were putting the omelet pans into a large oven to finish them off. I had not seen that before but it validates the method I had found to make a fluffy omelet.

My waitress looked like she had worked for Lou since he opened the place in 1923.  For research purposes I asked her what the secret is to getting these omelets so fluffy. She looked around to make sure Lou wasn’t watching then leaned over and said, “They use a blender!”

So another one of the elements of my current omelet formula had been sort of verified.

The perfect omelet goal

The omelet I made last weekend was very close. The color was a little light and it was a little too fluffy.

How could an omelet be too fluffy? There were too many bubbles in the omelet.

The formula I used was:

1) Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

2) Whip the whites then fold in the yolks.

3) Only leave it on the burner for about a minute before putting in an over heated to 350 degrees.

Guess who?

4) Bake it for 5 minutes then add the cheese and fold the omelet in half then bake it for 5 more minutes.

This yielded an almost perfect omelet.

This week I am going to try the same formula but with these changes:

1) I am going to mix two tablespoons of pancake batter with the yolks before folding them into the whipped egg whites.

2) I am going to leave the pan on the stove for 2 minutes total.

I’ll keep you posted on how things turn out. I hope this is not a step backward.

P.S. I will only be running 6 miles tomorrow since I will be running in a road race on the following Saturday.


Could this guy be thinking with his brain or what?

This story broke today from beautiful Modesto, CA.  Some 41-year-old high school teacher named James Hooker has decided to set up house with one of his 18-year-old students.

Could this guy be thinking with his brain or some other body part?

He is leaving his family to go on this little bender. He even has a 17-year-old daughter who goes to the same high school. I wonder what that kid’s day was like at school today?

“In making our choice, we’ve hurt a lot of people,” Hooker said. “We keep asking ourselves, ‘Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?”

I can’t imagine what a 41-year-old man and an 18-year-old girl might even begin to have in common. Maybe she is mature for her age and he is a immature for his age. So they are meeting somewhere in the middle. But I doubt this.

Sure it’s easy to think it could be just a bedroom thing but could it be anything more. This guy is giving men a bad name. He is every parent’s nightmare teacher. He has definitely crossed the line.

Will he give here a curfew when she goes out? Does she need a father figure that bad?

And the girl’s mother is going after this guy. She has the local police trying to determine if the relationship got intimate before the girl turned 18 last September.

If you are a school teacher or anyone else who is around young people of the opposite sex (or even the same sex) and you find a certain stirring going on down inside yourself… Get out fast. Talk to someone about it. I would suggest you talk to your priest but that is a whole other subject.

In prehistory times when we lived in caves it was probably pretty common that older men took up with younger girls. It was probably a way to keep the tribe growing. But these aren’t those times and our tribe is too big already.

I wonder what this guy would have told his best friend if it looked like the best friend was going to make a train wreck out of his life by doing something profoundly stupid like this?