Retirement Advisor

The best way to find the right place to retire.


B2C Consumer,  AI

The Question

Is there a better way for people nearing or already retired to research and discover the best location for their retirement that will be better suited to their lifestyle, budget, and other essential needs?


Not sure what to do once you retire? Could your life better in another location that is better suited to your needs, wants, desires, and budget? Maybe a location outside the USA could provide a luxury lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. And you may never be more than one flight from your family back in the USA.

Distribution Plan

B2C Seminars, Content marketing, referrals from accountants/financial planners.


A unique AI driven matching feature and user alerts could be patentable. We use twenty-five questions to build a profile and better understand each person’s special requirements and priorities.


Makes money on commissions from arrangements and advertising.


To Be Determined


Available for development

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