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Saturday is Omelet day in my house. For a year now I have been trying to make the perfect omelet and I have not quiet hit the mark yet.

My reference point are the omelets from Lou Mitchell’s in Chicago. That’s a picture of a Lou Mitchell omelet shown here. They are fluffy beyond belief. I have not had an omelet like these anywhere else and I have traveled the world. While most omelets are rubbery and dense while a Lou Mitchell’s creation is airy and wonderful. I usually get mine with broccoli and cheddar cheese.

The problem is I live far away from Chicago so Lou’s omelets are only a fond memory. And the place I live does not have any restaurants that take breakfast seriously except International House of Pancakes. IHOP has great service and great pancakes but the omelets fall short of what I’m looking for.

To create my perfect Saturday morning omelet I start with spinach, broccoli, onions and mushrooms then the difficult part is getting the eggs right. I know know they use pancake batter in the egg mixture to get the fluff. The problem is finding the right combination. I have been keeping notes and I think I am getting pretty close.

Another part of the experiment is to whip the egg/pancake batter mixture in a blender. How long should it blend and at what speed.

Another set of variables is what type of liquid to use… Milk, water, heavy cream?

There are lots of variables but I have established the stuffing (what goes inside the omelet) so that won’t change which leaves me with the following to tweak:

1. Type of eggs. (I am using brown farm fresh eggs)
2. Level of heat under the pan.
3. Does the omelet go into the oven as a final step? (Have not tried this yet)
4. How much blending?
5. The egg/pancake batter ratio.

I know that once I get the right formula it will be repeatable. The problem is I only get to experiment with one omelet a week. And, oh yeah, I have to eat what ever pops out of the pan no matter how it looks or tastes. Last Saturday’s was more pancake than omelet.

By the way… I earn my Saturday omelet with an eight mile morning run.

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