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Today’s omelet experiment was interesting… There was a quarter cup of heavy cream left over from something Mrs. Invisible created earlier in the week so I added it to the pancake batter for the egg. Here is what I tried this week for the perfect omelet experiment:

1. Did not use the blender.

2. Use a quarter cup of heavy cream to make the pancake batter.

3. I let the batter sit for about 20 minutes.

4. I only used about a quarter cup of pancake batter with three medium eggs.

5. I threw the eggs in with the broccoli, onions, spinach instead of folding these in after flipping the omelet. I stirred the fillings in with the eggs in a hotter pan.

6. After flipping the omelet I folded it with the cheese.

How did it turn out? Better than last week. The less pancake batter and cooking the egg with the fillings (except cheese) made a difference.

I think I am getting close on this. Next week I will try it with milk instead of the heavy cream and a little less pancake batter.

P.S. I ran 7 miles hard this morning to earn this omelet.

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