In Astute Observation

Mrs. Invisible and I took in a musical at the local community theater last night and it was great entertainment. We have seen the slick broadway productions about every musical known to man and paid ticket prices as high a $300 a seat.

But last night we saw The Producers at our local small town theater. There were about 150 people in the sold out space and the show, although made up of local volunteer actors was very nice. Plus we only paid $14 for each of our first (and only) row center mezzanine seats.

So where’s the magic… This community theater thing works on so many levels. We get seats for less than the price of a New York Taxi ride. The theater makes a few dollars. And all the volunteer actors have lots a fun. It truly is a win-win-win situation.

If you have a community theater in your area check it out. You might be surprised and you will certainly be able to get a ticker for less than $300.

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